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US Healthcare Staffing is an innovative locum tenens and permanent healthcare staffing and recruiting firm. We specialize in placing physicians, nurse practitioners & physician assistants, and nurse anesthetists. While no staffing challenges are exactly the same, there are similarities and common obstacles nearly everyone in healthcare staffing faces. US Healthcare Staffing is uniquely qualified and offers solutions to staffing challenges that face caregivers and delivery systems.

Client Facilities are committed to build their medical staff and follow staffing plans that are generally focus around hiring Full Time Equivalents (FTEs).   The reality is facilities must always be recruiting year round to stay competitive and attract active job seekers, not just the passive job seekers who might regularly respond to social media ads.  The best candidates are the ones who are not perpetual job seekers responding to every online advertisement.  The best candidates need to be proactively made aware of opportunities that add value to them.  Adding value isn't necessarily added financial value, a provider might want to move across the country to live closer to family and they place a high value on the opportunities closest to their family ties.    With a staff that averages over 16 years in physician recruitment, we do not miss the subtle details that creates the added value to top candidates.   That can be the difference between filling the position or not.  These placements also feel more solid because they generally are.   The most prepared facilities are the most experienced ones that have staffing plans that also includes contingency planning for how to respond – sometimes very quickly - to supplemental staffing needs.  In nearly all cases and often more than once per year,  there is a time when a facility needs quality locum tenens to support their long term staffing goals.  It could be a FMLA situation, a maternity leave, or an unexpected resignation.  Staffing is dynamic, and it is considered a best practice to be prepared in advance. US Locums recruiting efforts never stop, and we add nearly 2000 new candidate contacts to our database monthly and throughly profile hundreds of them monthly.  We have the ability to quickly respond and provide immediate coverage in nearly all scenarios for short, or long term coverage needs.  

Benefit from our Total Locums Care® process

If you ask our client facilities and contractors, US Locums differentiates itself because we follow a proven and predictable system – Total Locums Care®.

TLC takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of the locum tenens process for both client facilities and contractors. Our approach is backed by over 25 years of successful permanent and locum tenens healthcare staffing experience in nearly every specialty and clinical setting.

We are experts at balancing the unique needs of client facilities and contractors. Our commitment is to always treat every customer interaction with the utmost respect and transparency and focus on solving staffing problems using a balanced and consistent approach.

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