US Healthcare Staffing offers a trusted and proven approach to healthcare staffing, serving both contractors and facilities. Our services are based on proper protocols and standardization principals. We strive to deliver the very best to our clients.

We work with primary care physicians, surgeons, hospitalists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, CRNAs, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants across a wide range of specialties. We also work with client facilities, ranging from small practices, to government facilities, to large hospitals and health systems.

We Offer:

Traveling doctor

Locum Tenens

We provide temporary placement- from short term moonlighting shifts to longer-term contracts. Locums can be as consistent or flexible as you’d like.

Temp-to-perm Transitions

Many locum tenens positions exist because employers are seeking to fill positions with FTE’s. Locums to perm gives both stakeholders a better opportunity to make more informed decisions before committing to long-term employment contracts.

Traveling doctor

Permanent Placement

If you’re exclusively seeking to secure a permanent position, we offer dedicated resources focused on helping you secure the best fit considering your geographic, personal and professional goals.  

Telemedicine doctor


Not able to travel much for traditional locums? Still want to earn supplemental income and make a difference? Telemedicine is a great solution for Physicians, and Advanced Practice Professionals (like NPs, PAs). It is also a great way for client facilities to provide care with access to the highest quality board certified specialty trained providers. Click here to visit our telemedicine page.

Our Specialties

The more we understand the subtleties and nuances of healthcare staffing, locum tenens as well as each specialty, the better equipped we are to secure the right fit for your needs. That’s why each US Healthcare Staffing expert is up to speed and dedicated to placing candidates in your specialty.

Anesthesia / Nurse Anesthetists
Each US Healthcare Staffing specialist is equally experienced in providing full-time placement and locum tenens coverage for both MDs and CRNAs in the subspecialties of cardiac, pediatric, pain, OB, critical care & regional anesthesia. With the population aging and more surgical procedures being performed in ambulatory surgical centers and physician offices, the overall demand for anesthesia care is growing. US Locums offers an extremely knowledgeable staff that understand this high-tech cutting-edge specialty, and has robust access to thousands of candidates nationwide.

US Healthcare Staffing works closely with pediatric & adult hospitalists, Med-Peds, intensivists and experienced advanced practice contractors to help them identify the best, most fulfilling locum, or permanent career opportunities.

Our capabilities focus on many of the most in-demand surgical specialties such as; Orthopedic Surgery (Hand, Sports Medicine, Pediatric, Spine, Foot/Ankle, Total Joint, Trauma, Oncology), General Surgery, Otolaryngology, Urology, Colon and Rectal Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Vascular Surgery.

Primary Care
Primary Care services include Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Med-Peds, and Pediatrics. Data published by the AAMC indicates the US could see a shortage of 120,000 PCPs by 2030.  The population continues to grow and age, and the supply of PCPs cannot keep pace. US Locums represents a wide variety of Primary Care contractors, as well as short, long term and permanent opportunities.  

Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants
Due to a significant shortage of Primary Care contractors, increased outpatient centers requiring more staff, and greater demand in rural areas, policies have been put in place to give Advanced Practice Professionals additional opportunities, and responsibilities. Growth and demand for APPs is expected to exceed 30% by 2028.  In addition, there is a need for increased specialization and US Healthcare Staffing places focus on APPs in a variety of clinical settings.

Urgent Care
Patient Care is what many contractors state drove them to medicine, but the challenges of running a private practice, coupled with growing administrative burdens, make it hard for physicians to choose and sometimes stay in this setting. For many contractors, Urgent Care provides a better ability to balance work and life. When a contractor is off work, they are truly off. There is no call schedule, limited if any nights, and limited weekends. The number of retail clinics has blossomed from about 7,000 in 2015 to almost 8,400 in 2018.

Behavioral Health
Demand for psychiatrists is at an all-time high. There are about 28,000 psychiatrists in the United States.  A large number or psychiatrists – nearly 40% – are nearing retirement within the next 5 years. Nationwide, approximately 4,000 whole or partial counties are designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) for behavioral health. US Healthcare Staffing has direct relationships with training programs as well as many practicing contractors whom are exploring locum tenens with a more flexible schedule, or as a way to secure a new permanent position. The demand is high enough where contractors can work as much, or as little, as they want.

US Healthcare Staffing is well qualified with an experienced team dedicated to Radiology.  All signs indicate that the radiology job market is turning around. The number of available positions in 2016 well exceeded the number of finishing trainees, and this trend is expected to continue as more senior radiologists retire or cut back. A recent Health Affairs study projected that as the U.S. population ages, demand for radiology services will grow approximately 18 percent between 2013 and 2025.  Compounding this numbers problem, a higher proportion of radiologists are interested in limiting the number of hours they spend at work. Early career Radiologists value a better work-life balance.  So along with the other challenges facing the field, radiology is now in the position of facing a shortage of physicians. Radiology ranks in the top 5 for high burnout rates, volumes are increasing and these factors all contribute to a decline in new medical school applicants lowering the total number of available radiologists.

Emergency Medicine
The practice of emergency medicine is intense and packed with emotion.  The business of emergency medicine is also intense and packed with emotion. For many mid-to-late career EM physicians, all of that eventually can be exhausting.  A real concern for Emergency Medicine physicians is burnout.  Many physicians choose to enter the locum tenens circuit for this reason. At US Healthcare Staffing, we help take the pressure off physicians, giving them more choices vs. practicing at a single site.  Many physicians have other endeavors outside of medicine, but the majority of physicians at their core really enjoy being a doctor. However, sometimes the burnout strips away some of the joy they once had. Choosing a locum tenens style practice, physicians can create better balance in their life, their passion returns, and locums becomes a way for them to achieve longevity and satisfaction within the practice of emergency medicine again.  US Healthcare Staffing takes any confusion about locum tenens away.  We have a standardized process centered around best-practices assuring every provider is on-boarded and educated about how to optimize their locums career. From completing an on-line application to coordinating travel, every step is well-managed with great attention to detail.   Locum tenens can give you choices; Choose the shift lengths you want to work from 8 hours to 24/7. Choose your Shift times- you’re not bound to the typical group-share requirements (such as overnight shifts). Choose your Schedule; no more missing your children’s school vacation times because you control your availability. Compensation is typically a very competitive hourly rate. Administrative burdens such as committee service are a thing of the past. You can also choose your locations. US Healthcare Staffing can obtain various medical licenses for you to explore more of the country! We alleviate much of the burdensome paperwork associated with credentialing, and this can be especially helpful to experienced emergency physicians whom might have a more complicated work history.  Emergency Medicine is heavily controlled by the PPM (Physician Practice Management) industry (large, multi-state/site EM groups). More than 50% of the nation’s emergency departments are in the hands of the PPM industry. US Healthcare Staffing represents more opportunities outside of this with private or regional practices, again giving you more choices.

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