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Why US Locums Is The Right Choice for Your Facility

Whether you represent a large healthcare system, a community hospital, or a private clinic, you likely face similar challenges when it comes to staffing. At US Locums, we understand your top priority is to provide the highest quality care to your patients. To provide the best care, you need to source, attract, hire and retain the best possible contractors. That is increasingly difficult and expensive based on contractor supply and demand issues.  Statistics directly tie retention to job satisfaction, practice culture and values. Filling key short- or long-term vacancies efficiently with quality contractors supports satisfaction, culture and retention.   US Locums prides itself on being known as a firm that complements, not complicates, your internal recruitment efforts. We respect your profession, and the unique challenges internal recruitment teams face. US Locums is a firm that works comfortably within your teams desired level of involvement with a focus on our core competency - ethically and professionally supporting your internal process to achieve successful and smooth placements.

We specialize in ensuring our clients and their healthcare facilities are well-supported with the latest and greatest in clinical recruitment process and technology, and by the people who make it work efficiently.

How We’re Different

At US Locums, we approach staffing differently and more systematically, so we’re confident you will have a positive experience.

Just like evidence based clinical protocols provide an agreed standard to which clinicians and health facilities can work and against which they can be measured, our Total Locums Care® system sets the highest standards across each step in the locum tenens placement process.

By embedding best practices within each step and understanding the mistakes often made in the industry, our approach provides our clients additional assurance services are being delivered within a proven and predictable system the right way each and every time, without exception.

Having a great system alone isn’t enough, though.

We have to know how to bring every component within our system together to deliver measurable results for our customers through our people.

As a recruitment director for a healthcare facility, the staffing and locum tenens process can sometimes be complicated, and you can’t afford for things to go wrong when you’re responsible for multiple searches with different deadlines. Unless you’re guided properly and within a proven system, you cannot always see the end result. You have to have been through it, learned from it, and know how to implement best-practices at each step along the way. This is the core of our Total Locums Care® system.

Total Locums Care® enables US Locums to proactively address common agency failures.

These common failures include:

  • Lack of proper pre-qualifying and transparent screening of candidates
  • Miscommunication of assignment specifications that result in increased contractor drop-off rates
  • Missed credentialing deadlines
  • Improper onboarding for contractors
  • On- assignment support in place to support clinical accuracy, compliance and improved documentation
  • Carelessly made travel arrangements negatively impacting contractor start dates, and increasing client costs and contractor frustration

The Total Locums Care® Process

Through every component of the Total Locums Care® process we have created checklists and pause points to help us identify a moment in the process to catch a potential problem before it becomes an issue, and do something about it.

Our system provides a proven and predictable process on how things should be done. This can add comfort to a client facility who is considering using locums for the first time or may have had a bad prior experience.

Just like clinical protocols are key to quality patient outcomes, locums staffing protocols should also be the norm.

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What happens when you work with US Locums and become part of our TLC system-approach to staffing?

More time
It’s less cumbersome on you, giving you more time to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

No Guesswork
It’s comforting to take the guesswork out of the locum process and rely on predictable and proven processes.

Less worry
You do not need to worry if all of the little things have been addressed- rest-assured they are included in our checklist system.

No Surprises
Provider qualifications are set to a very high standard with full-disclosure of all credentials in advance and in writing so there are no surprises.

Successful Interactions
Medical Staff Office interactions are highly successful resulting in a great experience for all department stakeholders.

Smooth Onboarding
Provider onboarding is smooth and efficient, assuring providers start off on the right foot, on time and without complications.

Better Fit
Contractor/practice fit is improved, meaning a better overall experience for everyone involved, and better continuity of care.

Improved Travel
Contractor travel is improved and cost-effective resulting in a better overall experience for all involved.

Compliance included
Your compliance department is included in our systems checklist to improve contractor compliance and documentation requirements in advance (vs. after the assignment when it’s too late).

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