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Why US Healthcare Staffing Is The Right Choice for Your Facility

Providers of today are slightly different than they were even just 5 years ago. They are looking for a better work-life balance, and in many cases they are reluctant to sign the first permanent W2 contract they are presented with. There are also more opportunities for providers, so the interview process often takes longer and this delays final decisions.  They know how to practice medicine or nursing, but they are not so comfortable with employment contracts, interviewing etiquette, and professional follow-through. They often need guidance and resources to help them make one of the most important decisions in their lives. In these situations, our full service approach has helped with many locum-to permanent conversions lead to long-term placements enhancing retention. Facilities and Providers alike benefit from a short term locum because both parties gain valuable insight to one another. Providers quickly experience the available resources at the facility, they interact with staff, they form bonds that allow them to envision themselves as part of the permanent medical staff.

Contingency Searches
We are 100% performance based and charge no fees to candidates ever, and no fees to clients until or unless we are successful filling their open positions. We also offer unique rebate programs and offer discounts to any client utilizing a locum-to-permanent conversion placement.

Best Practices
Our consultants are the best in the business and take pride in building relationships that help communities find physicians, advanced practice professionals and other healthcare providers. We adhere to all the codes of ethics and standards of practice of the NAPR, and NALTO. Many members of our Account Management and leadership team are former ASPR Members themselves and have first-hand experience of in-house recruiting and the challenges of managing multiple vendor- agency relationships.  This unique experience is a differentiator.

Robust & Expanding Database
Through a variety of common and uncommon marketing channels and technology we add an average of 2,000 new pre-screened screened candidates per month to our database. This allows us to target our searches for client companies faster and with greater accuracy. In addition our profiling capabilities all us to link candidate ties and connections to client locations, enhancing response rates and increasing and targeting our candidate reach.

Marketing Outreach
We devote an enormous amount of resources, time and focus in marketing your position. Within the first 24 hours our marketing team will have your permanent or locum tenens position in front of the right candidates though our ability to target.  Through interactive marketing, early & consistent access to future residents & fellows, strategic web-based solutions, calling campaigns and other direct marketing programs, we are able to find the right candidates for your positions quickly.

Experienced & Full service Recruitment Team
Our specialty-specific Account Managers have an average of 16 years’ experience and can help with all aspects of the recruitment process regardless of specialty to project type (permanent placement or locum tenens staffing)

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